You Have The Power…

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Are you feeling left out? You shouldn’t. Feeling left out because you can’t figure out WHAT your Positive Power(s) is/are?

First, make sure that you are not using that ‘Whose Is BETTER’ measuring stick.  Everyone has different Positive Power(s) and or levels. BUT, when we combine Positive Power with Positive Power… That is when the MAGIC can and will happen. It’s a process, just as a muscle needs exercise to stay strong and develop, your Positive Power needs to be used to develop refine and grow. When you make and take time to use your Positive Power it’s always a win-win.




This is an Example to  get you thinking; I am blessed to have friends and family members who quilt, knit and crochet. So, let’s say that you want to make full size winter weight quilts for the homeless. However you don’t know how to quilt. You need to develop and grow your personal power seed. You could start out by helping to tie quilts as part of a group project. This will give you resources for the future and also experience working on big pieces. Maybe you’ll want to start out making lap quits for seniors.

The point is that you develop and hone your skill/ Positive Power overtime.

Most Importantly Remember You Are Not “Powerless”, Your Positive Power Seed Has Not Been Cultivated. That process is yours and yours alone, don’t, dis-pare, there will always be someone whose Positive Power is to give you helps and hints.

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