Window shopping after a lunch date

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Had lunch with a friend today,

She is amazing, and loving and supportive. She always calls at the perfect time and gives the best hugs (Luv ya MJ). After we finished lunch and a little window shopping, I continued to wander a bit more, then turned back to retrace my steps. and i saw this:

“Spread Kindness Like Confetti” could not have have thought of a better way to phrase it or present it. It’s lovely and cutesy at the same time. And… I’m not even that much of a pink girl.Oh, it’s at Kirklands. Sorry about the quality of the image but I just wanted to get it out to you. I am VERY much a work in progress  too, LOL

Today’s Thought Seed:

 Starting Now, I will always  consciously work fill my life with people and things that lift me up, make me smile and or giggle and develop my personal Positive Power. 


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  1. Marilyn Johnson
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    Love the Thought Seed.
    And the lunch!!

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