The Moments Between Life in Every Breath

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This is the fourth post in the series, Life in Every Breath by Patricia Dixon.

Hello Readers,

If you have been following this series, Life in Every Breath, then you may have realized through the other posts just how much of life passes us by. We immure ourselves against loneliness with busyness. We move in ever faster strides headed towards what exactly? Death?  I am confident that there is more after we die but I am a Christian and my faith comforts me — Life in Every Breath is a personal expression of that faith. A faith that demands I not sit idle while others are in need, in jeopardy or just lonely.

My life does not belong to me. I have given myself as a willing bondservant to the Lord Jesus Christ and I seek, as imperfect as I am, to love as He loved, to heal as He healed and to share God’s love with others. I know that this is not a popular idea nor are my ideals and values politically correct by the world’s standards. But, I cling to them because they are truth. God truth and I have accepted that while it won’t win me any prizes on the world’s stage — all that really matters is how Christ views me and my efforts. This for me is Life in Every Breath. How can I make my testimony count? I can I share Him in a realistic way that others understand His unfailing, overwhelming and unconditional Love.

Do you believe in something that strongly? Will you give your life to it? To preserve the truth and integrity of yourself and all that you hold dear? This is Life in Every Breath. This post is not meant to convert or convince anyone to Christianity, but to point out this fact, if you are the focus of your own life–then, you aren’t really living.

Life is about the connection. Life in Every Breath is about sharing the connection with others around us for the good. To shed light into dark spaces, places and minds. To uplift and enlighten. This is the challenge! Focus your personal power and take on the world. It will change hearts, shape minds and, perhaps, save lives.

Can you feel it yet? The change in you as you seek to really feel Life in Every Breath? It is an amazing way to live.

Peace to you, dear Readers.

Patricia Dixon


4 Responses

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