The Beginning, The Middle, The End — Where Life in Every Breath Can Take You

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This is the fiftht and final blog in the series, Life in Every Breath by guest author, Patricia Dixon

I want to apologize to the readers of this blog post. This posting has been delayed by the recent events in Louisiana of which many people, including myself, have been affected by the torrential rains and flooding. I also want to encourage every one to pray or (if you do not believe in prayer) send positive energy, help, loving thoughts towards the people in Louisiana and Italy.

Having myself been in more than one disaster scenario in my lifetime, I want to urge you to help those in need in whatever way that you can. Sometimes, all it takes is a smile or a listening ear. After Hurricane Katrina, I found that  I was left with many fears and phobias about drowning or being stranded by floodwaters. Sadly, I can tell you that many are having panic attacks and anxiety in the wake of the recent natural disasters to hit these areas.

I have found a relief from my fears in my faith in God and in the concept of Life in Every Breath. I was not fashioned for fear.  We are designed for boldness, action and empathy for others. If you doubt this, just look around you at all of the loving help being directed to these areas by people all around the world. Life in Every Breath means that you allow no opportunity to live, love, give, or bless the lives of those around you. It is that you take in each and every second of the present and use it to make your own mark on Life and History. When you are asked in years to come by others where you were when these events were taking place, What will your answer be?

Will it be that I was so absorbed in myself that all opportunities passed me by? Or will you say, I made my mark on the situation by being involved personally, I gave financially or I made it possible for others to help or give?  Life in Every Breath is a responsibility to honor life — in every person, situation or phase of our lives.  History will judge whether we did a good or a bad job, but wouldn’t you rather have as your answer, I stepped up to the plate and made the biggest impact upon the suffering of others that I could make at the time!

This is the core of the concept: To honor Life and to have honor in ourselves, so that, whatever happens to us we may stand as the good example that others coming after us will follow. So that, they too may learn what it means to honor Life and cherish the time in which we are alive. There is good and bad in store for all of us at different points in our lives. How we chose to handle it when the bad comes for others — will be out testimony in the History books.  I want mine to say,that no matter my personal circumstances, I honored my God and the Life and Times given to me and made a lasting difference to my community and the world at large.

May the God I Serve Rain Blessings down upon you whatever your circumstances.


Patricia Dixon