Taking A Moment

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…To Inspire and/ or Motivate.

Sometimes we can’t always take a “book” by its cover. Take for instance the man who at first glance is just a dirty, probably drug addicted, unmotivated, homeless person. His reality could be that he lost is family/ world due to a a tragic accident, and then in his despair and grief, his job and then his home. Or lets look at the child/ teenager who has a dirty room and is failing or just about, all classes except one or two.

While we know that we can’t personally SAVE everyone, in the Moment Between Breaths we can decide to use our Positive Power  to effect and or trigger the use of Positive Power in others. The next person that you interact with might be the person that discovers how to pull even the most minuscule amount of moisture out of the air to aide crop growth in drought prone areas an/or they could be the next brilliant Prima ballerina or violinist. Through out our history we have lost many Greats and Potential Greats thru the actions of the Not-So-Greats and the inaction Greats.

The next question then is; How do I find and use my Positive Power in a Great way? Actually, let me rephrase that. How do I use my Positive Power no matter how big or small? Remember Positive Power is Great Grand Amazing, but sometimes the Simple Small Strategic actions have the most impact.

Take the next Moment Between Breaths to still yourself to discover your next Positive Power moment, no matter how minuscule or Marvelous. You just might even effect the life of the great great grand parent of someone who will change the world.


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