Siblings, a simple act of kindness on display

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Ahhh, the Family vacation. It can turn otherwise rational persons into not so much..

There are people in the world who are amazing confident and well versed and for many people around them the are the go-to person. Among  kids there is a pecking order and teenagers are distant as possible to everyone.  But, put them in an airport, actually rephrase that, put them in the process of packing and organizing and getting ready for family vacation and pandemonium ensues. It’s the morning of the trip and everyone is off their game a little or a lot.  Biggest brother is at that magic age 15 tweenish/ adultish.

The family had finished checking in  and dropping off luggage, and now moving in mass to the security checkpoint. Well almost all, the littlest one, probably 2 years old has stopped to look at the stanchion ropes and the bag sizer. I watch the family move further into the maze of ropes and then look back at the baby sister, who is now attempting to sit down in the lower bag sizer. My attention is momentarily caught by a tall teenage with curly blonde hair walking and listening to head bopping music on DR Dre’s Beats, why does that hair look familiar? Oh yes, the cutie that is now walking in wobbly circle. Oh no he’s going to step… Seemingly without even seeing her, the big brother has dropped the hand that was tapping out beats on his hip. One curly head looks up as the other one looks down, there is a smile and untranslatable toddler talk and a returned bigger smile and talk of how much fun the beach will be. The few of us who witnessed the interaction will not forget the picture of the two walking away chatting, the headphones now slung around the brother’s neck and a tiny little hand was holding onto big brother’s finger.