Shining Through The Darkness October 2017

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I have family friends that have a daughter. She is their middle child. We all knew that she was a little different almost from birth. She loved music, quickly graduating from nursery rhymes to kids movie theme song music.Through the years always humming, singing and playing around on the piano. And then came the time when she seemingly began to pull away from everyone. There was still music. She started filling her wardrobe with darker colors until there was only black. Surely there was still music. It showed itself again publicly after the the death of  a beloved grandmother. When the officiating priest and nodded to Lizzey, she stood up and walked to the front. My friend smiled thru her tears seeing her daughter in a black dress with a white page boy collar, her hair was pulled back in a black bow and Lizzey being Lizzey was wearing black converse chuck taylors. There were of course murmurs among  in the among the people in attendance. Lizzy took a deep breath and said “This is for my gran, it is,was one of her favorite songs”. Lizzy then sang the Ave Maria with no accompaniment. When she finished, there was no sound in the chapel until Lizzy’s parents stood up and held their arms out to their daughter.

That was a few years ago. Lizzey still wears black mostly, and each month she sings and plays the piano at the senior center.

You never know the experiences you will miss out on by seeing what you think is just darkness.