Positive Power

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Positive-  A good,affirmative or constructive quality or attribute.

Power-    Ability to act or produce and effect. A source or means  of supplying energy.

 Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Everyone has Positive Power.


During each person’s life, their Positive Power is affected both positively and negatively by external forces. Hence, the importance of selectivity when forming relationships. There is no difference if it is a family member, friend, coworker, ect.

Another person’s ‘ACIDIC’ nature, while laughed off or dismissed at first, still has an effect that grows with every encounter. Over time the effect is the lowering of safeguards that combat negative energy. EXCUSING yourself from NEGATIVE RELATIONSHIPS is only bad for the person(s) that have made their home in ‘NEGATIVE ESTATES.’ You don’t want to visit or live there!

Positive Power allows you to live in a better (friendlier, healthier, happier) place. Will it ALWAYS be perfect and easy? NO. That is not the Point. The point is that you are OPEN to EMBRACE positive experiences, that you create and that are created with you in mind.These are the types Status Points that truly matter  And that My Friends, is where your Moment Between Breaths comes in resulting in you being able to create and/ or recognize Positive Power Moments. Use your moment between breaths and positive power to do GOOD. Don’t be intimidated by the fact that you can not give away money, cars and homes.

Remember: A peanut butter sandwich and an apple is a FEAST to a homeless person living under a bridge, (even if they are not able to articulate it). EMBRACE what YOU CAN DO and keep moving forward.

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