Paying It Forward

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Philanthropy: the practice of giving money and time to help make life better for other people.

Stewardship:  the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

     I try as much as possible to Support ‘Mom and Pop’ businesses and companies that give back to their communities and when able around the world. Businesses large and small understand the importance of being a good neighbor. Thru our actions, deeds and inaction, we are speaking volumes to the generations both in front of us and behind. Those in and from our past expect us to continue Good Works just as we will lead our future by example. It is never to soon or late to start and continue. I have a dear friend  that is well into her golden years, Luv ya Em. Who at 86 years young, keeps busy by performing dance numbers  with a group that visits nursing homes. She told me recently that she has “slowed down” an bit because she is having problems with one of her knees. Really? She can STILL dance circles around a bunch of people and make it look effortless. Em’s stewardship is to use her dancing ability to bring people joy. The shoe company,Toms’ is to give shoes to children in need. Others are gathering books to start lending libraries, donating quilts, mosquito nets, developing portable water filters, different ways to plant and cultivate for higher crop yield, the list goes on and on.

Because when it comes down to it we are are all friends, siblings, cousins, parents, aunts/ uncles, grandparents, ect. and STEWARDS to each other and for our planet. This isn’t a staging area for us to go somewhere else.

Also…,  that IDEA that you have been tinkering with and using your Positive Power to develop? Yes that one.

It just might CHANGE someone’s world.

Congratulations! Don’t give up!

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    Great philosophy! I love hearing about people succeeding with small business.

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