You Have The Power…

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Are you feeling left out? You shouldn’t. Feeling left out because you can’t figure out WHAT your Positive Power(s) is/are? First, make sure that you are not using that ‘Whose Is BETTER’ measuring stick.  Everyone has different Positive Power(s) and or … Read More

Paying It Forward

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Philanthropy: the practice of giving money and time to help make life better for other people. Stewardship:  the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care. Merriam-Webster Dictionary      I try as much as possible to Support ‘Mom … Read More

Taking A Moment

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…To Inspire and/ or Motivate. Sometimes we can’t always take a “book” by its cover. Take for instance the man who at first glance is just a dirty, probably drug addicted, unmotivated, homeless person. His reality could be that he … Read More

Positive Power

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Positive-  A good,affirmative or constructive quality or attribute. Power-    Ability to act or produce and effect. A source or means  of supplying energy.  Merriam-Webster Dictionary Everyone has Positive Power. EVERYONE. During each person’s life, their Positive Power is affected both positively … Read More

Hello world!

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Hello All, With the coming of something tragic and insanely horrible yesterday, there has also come something(s) Wonderful, Magical, Soothing. Because, in that collective moment between breathes; a person, a few people, a large group of people, communities of people, … Read More

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