Life in Every Breath

Life in Every Breath

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Knitted Breastform for Cancer Survivors
Knitted Breast form for Cancer Survivors


This is the start of a series of posts by my guest, Author Patricia Dixon. Ms. Dixon is the author of two books, A Question of Choice and Praise Is What I Do Psalms for the Modern Soul. She will be posting a series of 5 posts titled: Life in Every Breath

The Japanese Samurai Warrior class has a custom called Bushido which valued honor above life. One of it main concepts was that of seeking life in every breath. This they believed honored their allies and their enemies.  This is a concept I have found intriguing. How many of us really live enough to know life in every breath or the moment between breaths?

Aren’t most of us just rushing around trying to not get it wrong? Be politically correct? Not offend anybody with our words or actions? Suppose we could put all of that aside and just live? Wouldn’t that be amazing? To take each day and focus on using our power for good. Breathing in calm and exhaling joy!

It can be done. All we have to do is take a moment before the start of each day to remind ourselves that there is so much more going on around us and make a choice to use our personal power for good. A smile at the receptionist, a lunch with the co-worker no one in the office speaks to, making time to listen–really listen to those around us.

Living Life in Every Breath is possible for you! Take the Challenge and discover just how much power you have to change the world around you.

Patricia Dixon