Life in Every Breath — Life, the Universe and Everything

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This is the second in a series of 5 posts by my guest, Author Patricia Dixon. Thank you, Patricia for your contribution to the moment between breaths.

The moment between breaths is where life truly begins. This the place where you can begin to connect to life, the universe and everything in it. Are you walking past the homeless man outside your building, the lady cleaning in your health spa or the man or woman delivering your mail or packages/ The moment between breaths is where your discover that we were created for interdependence, not independence. It is the place where you find and realize that what makes your life special are the people in it. Those your love, those you have inspired and those who have inspired you. Now, it is your turn to impact the world around you for the greater good. This is what is means to live life in every breath.

You see it happen as chaos descends–the shootings in Florida, the tsunami in Japan or the terror attacks of 9/11–people step out and act for change, for good. They take a stand against evil or disaster — whether in the form of other people or natural disaster — but Life in Every Breath or the Moment between Breaths can happen every day. You just have to make a choice to see past yourself, your problems and look at the world around you and those in it.

Take up the gauntlet, Live Life in Every Breath and truly find that Life can be more fulfilling than you can possibly imagine.

Patricia Dixon