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Hello All,

With the coming of something tragic and insanely horrible yesterday, there has also come something(s) Wonderful, Magical, Soothing. Because, in that collective moment between breathes; a person, a few people, a large group of people, communities of people, a nation and the world AGAIN made a decision. That decision was to immediately not let the bad guys win. From the lines at blood banks, to prayer vigils, to united impromptu walks, came Joy, Comfort, Compassion, Hope, and Love. These acts pushed thru the tears, heartbreak and rage. In any Moment Between Breaths we ALL decide how to proceed, using our individual and combined power for GOOD and/or taking a step back to regroup to find the good that we can do. Regrouping, while at first glance from the outside appears a non-decision or non-action. It is quite the opposite. As we all know that rushing in with a bucket of “water” that turns out to be gasoline ONLY results in more damage no matter how well the intention. In the coming days, Let’s look at the ways we can help each other, because when it comes down to it, across the our country and the world; HELP no matter how small and silent or Grandiose and Orchestral is Still Help And Caring.

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