Happy Independence Day!

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This 3-day weekend as we celebrate(d) our Independence, how did you celebrate?

Are you thankful for your neighbors who are veterans and/or home on leave?

Did you find time to go to the nursing home to talk to/ listen to a WWII/ Korean War Veteran?

Did you offer to go grocery shopping for and or cook/ barbecue for you current military, injured or home on leave neighbor?

What a blessing it must be to be on home soil during the Independence weekend of our Nation. It’s not about agreeing with why and where they are/ were serving. It’s about the fact that day in and day out that they put on the uniform, so that we haven’t gone to conscription and/or mandatory military service.

They might not want to be around the noise and smell  of the fireworks, but i bet sitting around the table eating and talking about the one that got away on the fishing trip and/or the crazy experiments that the kids are working would be a good fit. There are also opportunities to do house repairs/ paint, clean up yards/ plant flowers/ trees, ect.

The BEST part about ALL of it IS, that we don’t even have to wait for a holiday!

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