Handing out umbrellas on a rainy day. Nice.

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The other day in Houston, it rained again. Not big news, even though we are well out of ‘our’ rainy season.

I ran into a dollar store to get an umbrella, having loaned out both of my ‘truck’ umbrellas to friends. As I was standing in line, a very wonderful thing transpired 3 customers ahead of me.

Mom: “That’s it honey, thank you for helping me with the umbrellas.”

Child: “Mommy, why are getting umbrellas?

Mom: “Will you count them for  me, So that I can make sure we have the right number?”

Child: “one two three one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, seven, seven mommy”, then there was a ‘pause’ “there’s one more.”

Mom: “Remember this morning we talked about a new number, when you were counting? Do you remember the number?”

Child: ” Hmmm, eight, one. two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, we have eight!”

Mom: “Yes, we have eight umbrellas to hand out to people who don’t have one, so they wont so wet in the rain.”

Child: “Can I hand them out mommy?”


I had no words, for the most part still don’t. LOL. A counting lesson and teaching service at the same time. I’m sure that she said yes, I was so busy thinking how patient and wonderful she was. GO Team Mom!