Continuing Life in Every Breath

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This is the third post in an series of five titled, Life in Every Breath by guest Patricia Dixon.

It seems to me that understanding the concept of Life in Every Breath means that each person must be alive and aware of the other lives around them. Have you ever met someone who seems totally unconnected to the events going on around them. I have. These people seem like ghosts. They exist on the fringes of life — almost as if they have forgotten how to live and connect to those around them. I supposed that this marginal existence was one that they had willing chosen; that is until I met a young man named Evan. Evan was disconnected from life — not through choice, but circumstance. Evan had been raised isolated with his parents in a small town in Louisiana. He didn’t have very good social skills and always seemed to be trying to blend into the wallpaper.

I befriended Evan. I talked to him. He had a wealth of ideas, imagination and love inside of him just waiting to flow out into the lives of others, but others mocked him, bullied him and belittled him. They chose the path of evil — using cruel taunts and slurs to hurt this sensitive young man. Why? Because they were incapable of seeing in Evan what God sees in all of us — our potential for greatness. Evan has finally moved on from the pseudo-friends, abusive family members and others in his world that kept him from living Life in Every Breath.

So, dear Reader, which are you? Are you an Evan seeking to live but being held back by those around you? Are you the unconscious bully holding others back with your words and cruelty? Are are you just self-absorbed, going your way without thought to those around you?

Take the challenge! Stop and really see the impact you are making for good or bad in your environment and decide to make whatever changes will best benefit yourself and those around you. Living Life in Every Breath demands that we do not hold with evil. We honor Life and the Giver of all Life when we embrace this concept.

Stop wherever you are for just five minutes, close your eyes and absorb the life around you. Listen with your eyes closed and your heart open. Really connect and then, respond to the Life around you. You are more powerful than you know — use your power for the good of those around you. If you have injured another, make amends and move on. Give forgiveness to those who have injured you, but in doing so, don’t forget to forgive yourself for the wrong you have done to others.

Remember, to life Live in Every Breath you must find out who your are and do it, to quote, Stella Barton, on purpose!

Blessings and Peace to you all,

Patricia Dixon